IISTE U’s Summer Learning Academy is an online professional development program for K-12 educators on critical topics related to technology and innovation in education.

By participating in SLA, you can select any four self-paced ISTE U courses of your choice to complete over the summer. You will also have access to expert-led webinars and an ongoing learning community.

SLA is designed for K-12 teachers, tech coaches and directors, and librarians and media specialists. SLA is a great fit for an individual educator or a team participating in back-to-school PD.

Yes – for SLA, you can create your own learning path by selecting any four self-paced ISTE U courses of your choice. There are many available course choices that were not included in previous years. In addition, the webinar and community content will all be new.

Participants will have access to their courses starting on June 5, 2023 and will be able to work through and complete through October 27, 2023. After then, participants will have view-only access to content until December 31, 2023 (they will not be able to complete and earn their certificate after October 27).

Webinars and other learning programming will run from June 5 to September 1, 2023.

Program Structure

SLA23 includes access to any 4 self-paced courses, 8 live webinar sessions from expert instructors, and a virtual learning community.

  • Courses – Choose any four ISTE U self-paced courses on the topics that matter most to you. A full list of course topics will be available on the SLA website.
  • Webinars – Join live or watch later as expert instructors model and deliver practical strategies in interactive workshops. Webinars will be held weekly from July 12 - September 2 (8 webinars in total). All webinars are recorded and available for later viewing.
  • Learning Community – Engage with a virtual coach and other educators to share ideas, seek advice, and just have fun!

More detailed information will be shared in the coming months.

The total amount of time each educator spends on the program will vary depending on which courses they select, how many webinars they view, and to what extent they choose to engage with the learning community. There is no minimum required time to complete the Summer Learning Academy.

Courses range from 2 hours in length to 5 hours, so participants may spend anywhere from 8 to 20 hours on the courses alone.

Yes. The courses are self-paced and can be completed any time. All live sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing. You may participate in discussions at your own pace as well.

No. You may view the recordings on your own time. All webinar recordings will be available within the online platform the following business day.

You can always view recordings of any live sessions you missed and complete the courses at your own pace in order to successfully complete the program. All webinar recordings will be available within the online platform the following business day.

All participants will have access to complete the program through October 27, 2023. Up until that date, you may take the courses and finish all other completion requirements. After October 27, participants will have view-only access to the program materials until December 31, 2023. During that time, they will be able to view all content but not complete the course and earn their certificates of completion.

Completion & Credit

Like last year, there are no set completion requirements for SLA. Once you have selected your 4 courses, you can complete any or all courses and earn individual certificates of completion for each (see more below). For webinars, you must pass a short quiz demonstrating your knowledge gained from the webinar in order to earn a certificate for that webinar.

Upon successfully meeting all completion requirements for a given course, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by ISTE. It is a PDF that indicates the total number of credit hours (varies by course). Upon completing each course, you will also receive a shareable, verifiable badge via Badgr. You can earn up to 4 course certificates of completion/badges for completing all 4 courses.

After viewing a webinar (by either joining live or watching the recording), you will be able to complete a short quiz demonstrating your knowledge gained. You may take the quiz as many times as you’d like. After answering both questions correctly, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by ISTE. It is a PDF that indicates one hour of PD.

You will automatically receive your certificate for each course or webinar as soon as you meet all completion criteria.

You will need to complete all requirements by October 27, 2023. No extensions will be provided.

Approval for professional learning and determination of credit (continuing education units, professional development points, etc.) toward licensure renewal are based on individual state and/or school district policies. For more information about professional learning requirements, including the number of hours needed and how to apply graduate-level credit toward CEUs or PDPs, contact your local education agency or state education agency for approval and submission requirements.

Registration & Refunds

Registration is $65. Discounts are available for cohorts of 100+.

Registration will open Feb 2023.

Registration will open Feb 2023.

Registration will open Feb 2023.

Participants can register for SLA until Sunday, August 4, 2023 at midnight PDT.

The course will open on June 5, 2023 and you will get access on that date.

No. Per the ISTE U Terms & Conditions, no refunds will be offered for SLA.

Yes, up until June 10, 2022. Contact to initiate transferring your registration to another educator. Note that requests made after June 10, 2022 will not be processed before the program start date.